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Our Features

Enable Your Team

Enable your team with fast and accurate patch cable management with the reliability of a web based solution.

Leverage Mobile

Leverage your mobile device where you need it most, at the patch panel. Update, locate, and plan patch cable paths on your phone from anywhere.

Take Control

Take full control of your environment with an intuitive interface.

Time is Valuable

Your time is valuable; spend less time patching cables and more time on other tasks.

Data Availability

Quickly assess infrastructure usage, patch cable inventory, and historic data with the dashboard.

Get Support

Reach out to highly skilled technical staff for setup support and problem resolution.

Manage Consumables

Never get caught without the proper cables again. Track what consumables are in stock to ensure your team has the cables they need.

Multiple Users

Manage users, roles, and track changes with ease. Secure your account with 2 factor authentication.


Increase efficiency and speed. No need to update documentation. No second guessing cable path. Fast and efficient.

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  • SSL Included No
  • Automatic Backups No
  • Server Maintenance No


  • SSL Included Yes
  • Automatic Backups Yes
  • Server Maintenance Yes




  • Cabinets 10
  • Objects 20
  • Connections 40
  • Users 2
  • 2 Factor Authentication Yes
  • Email Support Yes

Unlimited Monthly


  • Cabinets Unlimited
  • Objects Unlimited
  • Connections Unlimited
  • Users Unlimited
  • 2 Factor Authentication Yes
  • Email Support Yes

Unlimited Yearly


  • Cabinets Unlimited
  • Objects Unlimited
  • Connections Unlimited
  • Users Unlimited
  • 2 Factor Authentication Yes
  • Email Support Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about why PatchCableMgr is the right choice? Read the FAQ below or email us: [email protected]

Q.What can PatchCableMgr do for me?

A. PCM saves valuable time while increasing accuracy in one of the least glamorous IT tasks, managing network patch cabling.

  • Change history.

  • Capacity reporting.

  • Rack and floorplan visualization.

  • A to Z path planning.

  • Role-based access.

Q.Why PatchCableMgr?

A. PCM is designed to do one thing and do it well, manage network cable infrastructure. No software installation or pesky licensing.

Q.How does it work?

A. By modeling your cable infrastructure and devices, PCM can be used as a source of truth for physical network connectivity.

Q.How much does it cost?

A. You can start using all features of PCM today for free. There are limitations on the number of objects used. An entitlement ID can be purchased for a monthly fee which can be applied to both hosted and self-hosted deployments to allow for an unlimited number of objects.